The Blereau Family at Historic Occoquan, VA

We had the privilege of capturing this gorgeous family in the cute little town of Historic Occoquan, VA. Their baby boy (Corban) was such a delight, with a smile so infectious that we cant stop smiling every time we look at his photos.. Don't believe us? read this blog and experience it yourself. This couple is so blessed to have this handsome bundle of joy and Corban is so blessed to have such beautiful, ambitious, fun-loving and most importantly God-fearing parents like this. we had so much fun photographing this gorgeous family that it didn't feel like a session. They had us laughing nonstop that our cheeks began to hurt after. lol 

The welcome sign that greets you when you first drive into this little historic town. 

The welcome sign that greets you when you first drive into this little historic town. 

when we started the session we were instantly drawn to a little building covered in such beautiful deep red brick.   

while we were taking these photos on the red brick we spotted a cute little alley beside the building. we quickly sat little Corban on the steps and photographed his infectious smile. He would be such a perfect little model. hello baby Gap, Gymboree, Children's place? if you're reading this.. contact this little cutie ASAP before someone else signs him. lol but seriously doesn't he look like he belongs on an ad for baby gap or something?  

As we walked to our next location while dad was holding little Corban, he got a serious case of the giggles. we just had to stop and capture the moment. it was too precious to miss.  

cute Bohemian shop in Historical Occoquan, VA. 

cute Bohemian shop in Historical Occoquan, VA. 

we saw this cute little Bohemian shop and right in front of it were these big beautiful trees whose branches curved out to form an arch that shaded the sidewalk so beautifully. so of course we had to stop there and take a couple shots. 

As we kept walking through the town we noticed a small stairway leading up to a cute little cafe. It was the perfect spot for this beautiful little family to be themselves and pretend there was no one photographing them.  

we are obsessed with walk bridges and really wanted to incorporate one in this shoot. but it is so hard to find the perfect walk bridge especially for a family with a little one. so when we spotted this beautiful walk bridge that had almost a 6ft tall sturdy gate.. it was literally love at first sight and we knew it was meant to be. lol

we occasionally like photographing families when they are not aware. we saw the perfect moment to do so. so we did. 

while walking down mill street mom really wanted to get a couple more shots of her and her little cutie. and seriously who can blame her? just look at how perfect he is! 

The session was coming to an end and we were all getting ready to say our goodbyes. or so they thought. lol but I had a little something up my sleeves. I really wanted to get some pictures of just mom and dad together by themselves. when I said this to them they both looked at me a little surprised and replied with "the last time we had our pictures taken of just the two of us was on our wedding day.. which was five years ago.". of course that was like music to my I quickly and carefully handed cute little Corban to Anna to hold and keep him occupied, while I used these last few minutes to capture cute and much needed photos of mom and dad. and omg am I glad that I did! just look at them. #relationshipgoals

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