Sterling & Joseph | Rock Creek Park Engagement Session, Washington DC

We had such a great time photographing these two! If I had to describe them in one word, that word would be easy-going. We just love the laid back vibe this couple gives out when you're around them. They helped put things at ease and we quickly grew comfortable with each other. When I asked Sterling how she is managing to stay so calm and collected with all this wedding planning going on, and her reply " We literally are hitting the easy button on everything, there is no need to stress."

We were quite impressed by her response and now that is our motto. Hit the easy button and try to simplify life, "there's no need to stress." Thank you Sterling and Joseph for making our job so easy, the love you both share for one another is so evident in your photos. These pictures wouldnt be beautiful without you two in it, we look forward to photographing your wedding!  

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